Simply Heaven is there for you, to inspire, learn and connect. Together we will make the most out of life

Why Simply Heaven


A soft touch, an emotion or feeling, I really hope that some things on this website will move you, and touch a part in you, so you will take the next step, have the courage to follow thru or just expand your knowledge and understanding.


Practical stuf that you can implement in daly life. Knowledge is most useful in action.


Connect with like-minded people. Share knowledge, experiences, beauty, fun and love


Knowledge is the first step in change, in a smarter start, a new choice, a different direction. Knowledge really can make a difference if you use it, and act on it


Happiness comes from a balance of all area’s in life. Every aspect deserves attention, and will positively reflect on other things.


Simple useful, effective, all qualities that make life more enjoyable. Simplicity can be seen as an art these days. Delete the fuss, admire function and pure beauty
To see a world in a grain of sand
and an heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour
William Blake
Knowledge is the wing where with we fly to heaven
William Shakespeare